• 1. To create a cordial atmosphere of learning with the aim of developing technically sound, ethically strong and morally elevated individuals.
  • 2. To invoke friendly learning techniques, improvement of teaching, learning, and the assessment of educational outcomes across the life span through research, scholarship, and technology.
  • 3. Enhance the commitment of faculty, staff, and students to the centrality of diversity, social justice, and democratic citizenship.
  • 4. To pay strong emphasis that the teachers are passionate, skilled professionals and their focus is to effectively engage students, ensuring their skilled learning, and shaping their development.
  • 5. Our mission is to provide a high-quality, comprehensive, and meaningful education for all students.
  • 6. To ascertain that the students apply their acquired skills and knowledge, and rely upon their personal attributes to achieve their dreams and become an important pillar of the developing society.
  • INDIAN OPEN SCHOOLING COUNCIL (IOSC) has strong belief that knowledge is more important than anything, and knowledge is the enlightening element of our life. We at IOSC repeatedly revisit, revise and keep our focus on our vision and try keep the flame of knowledge enlighten every individual of the society.