Indian Open Schooling Council (IOSC) is an autonomous institution, that is run under ELF, Act 1882, of the Govt. of India. IOSC follows CBSE curriculum and is in pursuance of the NATIONAL POLICY ON EDUCATION, 1986, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. Department of Higher Education, NCMEI, Govt. of India approved. IOSC works with an objective of educational development to all the unprivileged, minority community and poor.

IOSC dreams to provide quality education to the deprived, middle class and common citizen at reasonable fees. We have a firm belief that quality education with holistic approach is the most important and effective instrument for transforming the society. We believe that a healthy society means, the people are responsible socially, are economically productive, patriotism in every individual and having their roots bind in our country’s cultural roots. Education being imparted, keeping the ever changing global educational scenario.

As a sincere thought to take our country forward, we should make our education system advanced and at par with the international education system. We believe practical knowledge is more effective than theoretical knowledge. IOSC is established to take on the global curriculum supported with world class infrastructure and progressive management.