Chairman's Message

It is the EDUCATION that gives us the power to do something and become someone important in life. We at Indian Open Schooling Council focus to help those students who are deprived of basic education, due to non - competency or due to financial issues.

At IOSC we aspire to create the young minds of future, who are ready to take any challenge, are self confident and blossoming with knowledge.

Our mission is to empower the young minds to develop great knowledge and strong hold on their confidence through productive knowledge, such that they could lead a productive life and become a contributing member of the developing and growing global society. We are confident that in the coming future we would develop an education system that is different from the conventional education system and focuses on the knowledge development of students and not on mark sheets. Because a noble man has said if you have the knowledge to change the world, the world will follow your footsteps. We warmly welcome every parent to be involved in the progress of your child.
Anticipating your continued support always!