About US

IOSC is an online based education system, which caters the needs of many students at pre-degree level. It is always stakes care the quality of education at up most priority and development of new innovative with low cost good education to million students. It strengthen the Open Schooling System and developed its own course curriculum, looking into the Pre- degree level. In independent India today also education is a major concern. as 25% of the population is illiterate and only 17 % of the students reach High school and 9 % completes graduation. Our quality of education is poor comparatively other developing countries. So IOSC is involved its online education system, so that everybody can take education to higher level without going to formal schooling. And it is cost effective also. Taking a mission for enhancing and accelerating the good education in Secondary and Sr. Secondary level, Indian Open Schooling Council is established.


  • Education for All
  • Good quality education for better society
  • Low cost and evolutionary learning society.
  • Digital revolution and involve all in it
  • Unique question paper for all
  • Depth study and knowledge practice.